Bespoke Tea

Personalized for ALL kinds of tea people

At Tea People we believe that ‘Tea is What You Make It’. Bespoke Tea is our attempt at extending this further and really giving you, the customer an opportunity to create your very own Tea People tea, just the way you like it. You can choose any tea from our wide range and get it repackaged just the way you like it. Read below to explore the range of opportunities.

Bespoke teas can be for anyone who fancies something special and unique. You could be

-       a tea retailer who wants to offer real tea in your own unique packaging to your customers

-       a corporate house that wants to impress its clients with a gift that they would treasure and enjoy

-       a tea lover who wants to thank their party guests through a special personalized boxes of finest tea


What does it include?

Bespoke tea can be different things to different tea people. We would be happy to speak to you about your specific requirements. However at a broad level it could include one or more of the following:

Bespoke Packaging

A customized packaging specially for you. You could send us your own artwork or avail the services of our in-house artist to create that unique label that will make your packaging stand out. Ideal for corporate gifts, for launching your own tea brand, wedding favours, etc.

Completely Bespoke

a complete tea solution for your business designed in partnership with you. We can provide you with all that is needed for you to have a complete product range. This could include tins with completely bespoke labels, bags and additional items such as shop menus, advertising leaflets, carrier bags and other items. We can give you the appearance of having your own unique product so that you have an edge over your competitors and you have a uniformed brand. We can make it to suit the business.


Case Studies

Client Name: Our Story, St Andrews

"St Andrews Tea project was commissioned by 'Our Story', a brand new tea house and storytelling centre in St Andrews, Scotland. Like us at Tea People, 'Our Story' is focused on people and community and, like us, they are a social enterprise giving away at least 50% of their profits to charity. 

Since a large focus of their brand involves celebrating the town they are in and celebrating the people around them, they wanted to create a special tea-based project that would help them reach out to the local area and establish themselves in people's hearts. We created several unique designs and illustrations based on the people, the history and the geography of St Andrews for 'Our Story' to use on labels, postcards and marketing and we made customised tea menus for use in the store. 

St Andrews Tea Company


Client name: Oasis Clothing

Tea People was commissioned by Oasis, the high street retail chain to create a new tea blend to mark the launch of their fashion range in collaboration with award winning ceramic designer Peter Ting. This was a vital part of their “afternoon tea” marketing campaign to attract more customers to experience and buy the Peter Ting “Flutter” range.

We created a new blend called the 'Oriental Garden Green Tea'. The tea was blended keeping in mind Peter Ting’s  hummingbirds, vibrant and colourful while also celebrating womankind, her beauty and kindness. We even created a bespoke packaging for them with designs to match their “Flutter” range for their bespoke tea. This tea was distributed at several large Oasis stores around the UK and was very well received by their visitors and customers.

We even had some of their customers writing directly to us letting us know how much they liked our tea.”The tea is very pleasing to look at and has a delicate flavour”. The icing on the cake however was when Peter Ting himself tweeted “Thanks for the lovely flutter tea. Sooo pretty”

Oriental Garden Green tea tins


Client Name: Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols wanted to create a special celebratory tea to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday. Their team did an extensive research into her Royal Majesty’s tastes and discovered that her favourite pre lunch drink was a Gin and Dubonnet.  They then approached us to see if we could give this a bit of a twist and re-create this drink as a unique tea blend.

We accepted the challenge. But as the recipe of Dubbonet is a company secret, the only way to finding its ingredients (which was vital to creating the tea), was to do some tasting. So we bought a bottle of Dubonnet, mixed it with some Gin and with the help of our master blender Vishaka's exceptional nose, listed the ingredients that would create the same taste. We finally came up with three different variations from which Harvey Nichols chose the one they liked the most. They were quite excited about this new blend.

We then packaged the tea in a special commemorative tin. This tea was sold by Harvey Nichols at all their food halls and online as special edition “Royal-Tea” and also served as part of a special Royal themed Afternoon Tea in their cafes and brasseries across the UK.

HN caddy


As 'Tea People' we pride ourselves on making Tea just right for people. We know that people and businesses come in all shapes and sizes and have a variety of needs, and so our dynamic design department specialise in working with you to create tea products you can feel proud of! We believe the perfect cuppa should really be a perfect fit in every way. 

If you would like to discuss your specific requirements then please drop us a line at [email protected]uk or click on Contact us

 * Please note that our bespoke services are subject to minimum order quantities which can vary depending on your individual requirements. Please contact us for further details.